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Together we create a premier medical device manufacturing company, capable of supporting the rapid growth of our customers.
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Investing in the Newest Technologies
Medbio is committed to the reduction of part to part variation with the use of robots and automation.
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ISO 13485:2016 • FDA Registered

Cleanroom Molding

CleanRoom Molding

Our molding presses range in size from 17 ton to 440 ton, including micro-molding and 2-shot machines. We have flexible capacity to handle major projects or small custom orders.
Cleanroom Assembly

CleanRoom Assembly

Our ISO Class 7 cleanroom capabilities include Laser Welding, Ultrasonic Welding, Solvent Bonding, and U.V. Curable Adhesives. We offer custom assembly equipment.
Cleanroom Packaging Icon

CleanRoom Packaging

ISO class 7 certified packaging cleanroom capabilities include pouching, tray sealing, bagging, and shrink wrapping.
In-house tooling icon

In-House Tooling

Our mold building team specializes in detailed mold design with cutting edge mold flow analysis and scientific molding tryouts.

Investing in the
Newest Technologies

We have flexible capacity to handle major projects or small custom orders. We leverage the latest technologies including robot, end-of-arm tooling, cavity separation, and automated packaging to improve efficiency and quality.

Ventilator Splitter

Our Prototype Plus quick turn around gave us the ability to  assist our customer with their design activities and make the first production part within 73 hours of our customer’s initial request. Within the first week, our team was able to produce and ship nearly 15,000 units.

Why Choose Us?


We make the difference. Medbio has a talented team of over 30 engineers with the experience and knowledge to solve your problems.


Using the latest technology, the Medbio team will find a solution to your manufacturing problems. We use scientific molding methodologies and have developed an O2-free molding environment.


With an understanding that the products we manufacture affects lives, we have a top-down commitment to delivering the highest quality products and service while protecting each and every patient.

What Our Clients Say

Thank you very much. You folks at Medbio are doing a great job and we appreciate your team’s technical expertise and the dedication and passion for quality that Medbio puts into its work.


Diagnostic Industry

John, I was extremely impressed with MedBio. Aside from the obvious technical and quality expertise onsite, what stood out to me most was your customer service-oriented culture and the pride/passion from every person I met.

Director of R&D

Medical Device Manufacturing

I am very appreciative of the fast pace maintained by you and your team. I’m kicking myself for not establishing a rapport much much earlier. Medbio is a team of experienced, intelligent, professionals and it shows in the way you speak, write, and in the output of your work.

Program Manager

Outsourced Manufacturing


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Medbio is an ISO 13485:2016 certified full service contract manufacturer.

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