In-house mold design and tooling construction offers significant benefits.

Our corporate roots stem from a large state-of-the-art tool room and highly skilled mold designers. We utilize the latest in mold design and flow analysis software, enabling us to produce very complex and precise SPI class production molds. As a full-service contract manufacturer with in-house tooling capabilities, we can offer fast, reliable, and worry-free solutions for your medical injection molding needs.

Part Design and Modeling

Our engineering staff has a strong background in manufacturing and can provide recommendations to improve moldability, tool integrity, and delivery. We can take existing 2D part prints or existing molded parts and use reverse engineering to create a 3D part model which will become a new parametrically linked 2D drawing. The new drawing can be used for part model evaluations and verification.

Mold Design

Our mold design engineers are supplied with the latest hardware and software technology. We provide detailed, comprehensive mold designs that not only exceed our customers’ expectations, but provide the necessary direction for our tool makers to build the most complex molds.

Mold Function Animation

Using the latest CAD software technology, we can supply an animated mold function video, showing the mold opening and closing. More complex designs show complete mold function along with side action, multi-stage ejection, reel-to-reel indexing, multi-shot rotational molding, and tandem mold co-injection. Mold function animations are especially useful for more in-depth design reviews, as well as assisting with our customers molding team set-up processes.

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